Visit Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a vibrant and picturesque city that seamlessly blends rich history with modern innovation. Famous for its stunning architecture, charming canals, and a commitment to sustainability. Copenhagen harmoniously balances its rich history with a forward-thinking approach to water management. The City is also renowned for its commitment to environmental sustainability and resilience in the face of water-related challenges.

In 2022 Copenhagen proudly stood as the host city for the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2022, bringing together almost 9000 water professionals from utilities, academia, private companies, governments, and global organisations from across the globe to delve into the critical water challenges of the future.


Participants at the YWP European Conference can book rooms at the CABINN Copenhagen Hotel ( and get a discount by using the booking code: BLKRAMBOL_001.

The hotel is located at Kalvebod Brygge in walking distance to;

  • The Conference Venue (20 mins)
  • The Central Station (15 mins)
  • The Meat Packing District (15 mins)

and it takes half an hour to get to the airport via public transportation.
For practical information regarding what to do with your luggage during the technical tours see our luggage recommendations.

Explore Copenhagen

Would you like to know more about visiting Copenhagen? Our members in Copenhagen have prepared a recommendation list by neighbourhood and have included restaurants and bars.

OrtoFoto over Copenhagen with the 10 districts drawn as polygons

Similar to other great cities, Copenhagen is divided into multiple districts which each have their own history, charm and experiences.

The 10 districts are called;

  • Indre by
  • Vesterbro/ Kongens Enghave
  • Nørrebro
  • Østerbro
  • Amager Øst
  • Amager Vest
  • Valby
  • Bispebjerg
  • Vanløse
  • Brønshøj-Husum

Another city, Frederiksberg, is located in the middle of Copenhagen. Even though it is not officially part of the city, it feels like its own unique district.

By Boat

If you would like a proper introduction to the City we highly recommend a boat trip.

While there are hop-on hop-off tours which are available for tourists we do also have a boat trip planned on Sunday where we will event get a more private introduction with a focus on water. There we will meet at 15:00 at the Copenhagen Harbour bath at Islands Brygge and start the boat tour at 16:00.

The tour will takes us around showing both the old defense moat Kastellet but also to the shiny new places at Christiania and up to the marvelous Operahouse and much more.

We have attached an image of the tour we will take where we will end up at Reffen streetfood. A market full of food stalls with cuisines from all over the world.

For more info see the Sunday Programme.

Indre by

The centre of Copenhagen

On a sunny day in Copenhagen, grab a coffee or beer and hop aboard a boat for a sightseeing adventure on the water. Cruise past Amalienborg Palace, Charlottenborg Museum, and Christiansborg Palace, each offering a unique glimpse into the city’s rich history and culture. Don’t miss the chance to climb the tower at Christiansborg for a stunning view of Copenhagen’s skyline. Wind down your day with a leisurely stroll along Strøget and indulge in delicious Danish cuisine at one of the city’s top restaurants.

Highlights and attractions:

The botanical gardens – Located close to Nørreport Station, the botanical gardens offer a nice green oasis in the summer. The glass greenhouse is stunning and offers many good picture opportunities.

Kongens Have (The king’s garden) – Also located right next to Nørreport station, this park is one of the favourite picnic spot for many Copenhagen residents. The park offers many lush lawns and is situated in the same area as Rosenborg slot.

View of a Canal in copenhagen


Gorm’s in Magstræde – For dinner in an old Danish house which is cheap and good pizza, it’s a funny area with nice old houses and small streets.

Aamaans Deli and Takeaway – for Smørrebrød the typical Danish lunch. Reserve a table, buy the food, a beer and a Snaps.

Torvehallerne – two glass buildings and a food market inside which is nice for food e.g. Smørrebrød, coffee etc.


The Bird and the Churchkey – is a nice bar for only beers and gin.

Gammel Strand (area) – has a lot of bars next to each other.

Taphouse for a lot of different beers.

Søhesten – for live Jazz on Wednesdays.


Copenhagen’s coolest Neighbourhood

Having been voted as the coolest neighbourhood in the world, this place is home to many wonderful food, shopping and cultural experiences. This area is nice for a walk and a coffee or beer. Walk around the lakes and then walk in the area of Nørrebrogade, Elmegade and Guldbergsgade. On the other side of the graveyard you’ll find Jægersborggade which has nice shops, eating places and a few bars.


Highlights and attractions:

Superkilen – A park made of three seperate areas which pay tribute to the cultural diversity found within Nørrebro. With elements like a fountain from Morroco, neon signs inspired from China and circular swings from Iraq, there are plenty of different elements to explore.

Assistens Kirkegård (Assistens Cemetery) – Walk to Assistens Kirkegården (graveyard) and see the grave of Hans Christian Andersen or Kierkegaard. It’s more like a park than a graveyard, and is often used as a park by residents.


Gao Dumpling Bar – A walk-in only restaurant with a small and focused menu with delicious dumplings.

La Neta – Probably some of the best tacos you can find in Copenhagen. Remember to also take some extra salsa and toppings from their bar. Owned by a beer company – so plenty of beer on the menu.

Sliders – named after their namesakes small burgers, this restaurant provides juicy burgers close to the lakes (Søerne) in the heart of Copenhagen.


The Barking Dog – for a fancy cocktail in a chill environment which is always packed.

Café Understellet – For a relatively cheap beer in an otherwise expensive city.

Kølsters Tolv Haner – Big selection in beers and chill outdoor seating in the summer.

Tjili Pop – A nice and very chill café/bar.


From red-light to meatpacking district

Located next to the central station this area was previously known for its unchaste shops and service providers, this area has developed into a more modern area with a focus on bars, restaurants and gourmand shops. Between kitchen speciality shops, small bakeries and a few sprinkled porn shops are nice town squares often with seating and restaurants. Go for a nice walk in the area and along the narrow streets.

Highlights and attractions:

Enghaveparken – A historic park that has been updated with Climate adaptation in mind. This park showcases some of the solutions for tackling future issues with surplus water stemming from cloudbursts and heavy rain.

Kødbyen (Meatpacking district) – Previously home to the meat industry of Copenhagen, this area shows its industrial origin on its sleeves. In the old industrial area, many bars and restaurants have found their spot close to the central station.


Dyrehaven Kbh – For trying some typical danish open-faced sandwiches for lunch.

Ssam – For delicious Korean food and a selection of Korean cocktails and Soju.

Wedo – if you are in the mood for a salad or bowl, this place offers a nice variation and take-away options.


Dia’legd Nice and cheap beers from one specific brewery in Denmark

Vinhanen – for cheap wine and a young atmosphere.

Brass Monkey – A tiki-cocktail bar with strong cocktails.

Lidkoeb – a bit hidden in a backyard in a house with a garden and cocktail bars on 1 and 2. Floor and a whisky bar on 3rd.  


The charming district right across the bridge

With small colourful houses and canals weaving through the whole district, this part of Copenhagen feels like its own separate oasis. With the Freetown Christiania located in the middle of it, there is plenty of greenery and a generally relaxed atmosphere. There are plenty of opportunities to rent a boat, stand up paddleboard or a canal tour to explore this district.

Highlights and attractions:

Vor frelsers Kirke – Atop the church is a tower which you can see from afar and climbing the 400 steps to the top you get a wonderful view of Copenhagen.

Cirkelbroen – a network of different bridges inspired by sail ships and their masts. The bridges are designed as part of the harbour promenade. Just watch out for Copenhagen bicyclists, as they can be a bit ruthless.


Reffen Streetfod – This street food area has plenty to offer and is very popular in summer. There are many different vendors from all over the world like Afghan, Nepalese, American and so many more.

La Banchina – Located right next to the water, this spot is popular in the summer both for their Aperol Spritz, wine and Italian dinner.

Lille Bakery – this small, very hip bakery is both very Instagram friendly but also offers a nice selection of bread and pastries.


Mikeller Baghaven – Focused on local brewing and resources this bar offers a variety of beers from the brewer Mikeller.

Kanal Bodega – If you wanna experience one of the traditional danish pubs usually called Brune værtshuse (brown pubs) this is overlooking the canals and with nice outdoor seating.

Frederiksberg & Valby

History, parks and plenty of sightseeing

Although both are not traditionally part of Copenhagen, this intersectional area has swiftly grown to become an extension of the city and its culture. Known for housing the Carlsberg Brewery, The Copenhagen Zoo and large park areas, this area is perfect for an excursion with a balance between a packed city and green spots.

Highlights and attractions:

Home of Carlsberg – A museum telling the story of Carlsberg. Apart from an exhibition there is also a small park, a bar and stables where you can meet the Carlsberg horses.

Cisternerne – An art exhibition housed in an old underground water reservoir. Known for interesting light displays, it provides a quiet respite with a moody atmosphere.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - MAY 18, 2018 the yard of the Old Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen with with an old carriage in exposition and a Carlsberg beer distribution truck


Forno a legna – A great place for neapolitanian Pizza. While the restaurant is not very fancy, the pizza is fantastic and priced nicely.

Wild Kiwi Pies – a hole in the wall kind of place that serves savoury pies in a New Zealand style.


Berlin Bar – If you long for some german beer in the middle of Copenhagen, this is the place for you.

Cork Vinbar – For a more fancy wine experience, this is the place for you.

Outside of Copenhagen

Copenhagen has fairly good public transport. A day excursion with public transport outside the city is therefore highly recommend by us. Here are some of our favorite picks which are just a short distance outside of Copenhagen.

Kronborg Slot

Better known as the Hamlet Castle, this castle is easy to reach by taking an S-train to Helsingør.


On the way to Helsingør by train you have Humlebæk and one of Denmark’s most famous museums – Louisinan. It is focused on modern art.


The Søfartsmuseum shows an interesting look into the history of Danish sailing and transport on water.